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    Resistors are perhaps the most widely used passive electrical components in the world. With an overwhelming number of electronic devices in existence, it is virtually impossible to find a circuit which does not contain at least one resistor. Resistors are linear components, which mean that the relation between voltage and current is linear. In addition to that, resistors do not store any energy and hence cause no phase difference between voltage and current. Resistors are mainly used in electronic circuits for the purpose of current limitation, short circuit protection, current division and voltage division. Resistors are available in many different shapes, forms and sizes depending on the type of target application. Modern electronic circuits are shrinking in size by each passing day hence very small components are required. Chip resistors are ideal for such applications due to their small footprint.

    What is CRCW04020000Z0ED?

    The CRCW04020000Z0ED is a chip resistor manufactured by Vishay. These chip resistors are ideal for space constrained applications due to their small form factor and footprint. Due to their use in high performance electronic circuits, these resistors are designed to be very reliable. These resistors support placement machines as well as flow/reflow soldering process. Due to the AEC-Q200 qualification, these resistors are also suitable for use in automotive applications. The packaging is RoHS compliant.

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the CRCW04020000Z0ED chip resistor is given in the table below:

    Pin Number Pin name Pin description
    1 Terminal 1 Non-polar terminal.
    2 Terminal 2 Non-polar terminal.


    • Small footprint
    • High reliability
    • Supports placement machines
    • Supports flow/reflow soldering process
    • AEC-Q200 qualified
    • RoHS compliant


    The applications of CRCW04020000Z0ED chip resistor are provided as following:

    • Computer, laptops and notebooks
    • Smart phones and tablets
    • Telecom and server equipment
    • Power supplies and inverters
    • Gaming consoles and A/V systems
    • Automotive applications
    • Industrial applications


    The major technical specifications of the CRCW04020000Z0ED chip resistor are provided as following:

    • Terminals: 2
    • Qualification: AEC-Q200
    • Package: RoHS compliant
    • Standards: EN 140401-802, EN 60115-1, EN 60115-8
    • Power rating: 0.1W

    How CRCW04020000Z0ED work?

    The CRCW04020000Z0ED is a chip resistor manufactured by Vishay. Due their small form factor and high reliability, these resistors are used in high performance consumer and industrial electronic circuits. They are also suitable for automotive applications due to the AEC qualification. Out of hundreds of applications of resistors, one common application is the biasing of transistors.

    A voltage divider resistive circuit is commonly used for the biasing of transistors which is shown in the figure below:

    CRCW04020000Z0ED application circuit

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