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  • Briefly describe the application of MPLS in traffic engineering?

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    Briefly describe the application of MPLS in traffic engineering?


    1 Traffic Engineering With the rapid growth of network resource demand, the expansion of IP application requirements and the increasingly fierce market competition, traffic engineering has become a major application of MPLS.Because IP routing follows the shortest path principle, it is very difficult to implement traffic engineering on a traditional IP network.In MPLS, traffic engineering can transfer traffic from the shortest path calculated by the Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) to a possible, non-blocking physical path in the network, by controlling the path that the IP packet travels through the network.Avoid traffic to nodes that are already congested, and achieve reasonable utilization of network resources.First, support for determining the path, a defined physical path can be defined for each LSP.Second, LSP statistics parameters can be used for network planning and analysis to identify bottlenecks and master the use of trunks.Again, constraint-based routing enables LSPs to meet specific needs.


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