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    Briefly describe the CMOL circuit?


    Likharev et al.’s CMOS/nanowire/molecular hybrid (CMOL) technology combined with nanotechnology and traditional CMOS technology has attracted wide attention of researchers and is considered to be the most promising CMOS replacement technology.One.How to develop renewable, scalable nano-diodes still faces major challenges.Another problem comes from the inconsistency in the height of the interface connecting the upper and lower CMOL circuits, which leads to the flattening of the surface of the CMOL circuit. The CMOL circuit with three-dimensional structure (3D) can solve this problem better.At present, CMOL circuits have been successfully applied to memory, CMOL FPGA and neuron circuits, but the development of computer aided design (CAD) tools is still in its infancy, and cell mapping technology is an important step in the CMOL CAD framework.


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