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    How to choose the right inductor


    Main characteristic parameters of the inductor 2.1 Inductance L The inductance L represents the inherent characteristics of the coil itself, regardless of the current magnitude.Except for the special inductor (color code inductor), the inductance is generally not marked on the coil, but is marked with a specific name.It is related to the inductance L and the alternating current frequency f as XL=2πfL2.4 Quality factor Q quality factor Q is a physical quantity indicating the quality of the coil, and Q is the ratio of the inductive reactance XL to its equivalent resistance, ie: Q=XL/R.The higher the Q value of the coil, the smaller the loss of the loop..5 The capacitance between the turns and turns of the distributed capacitor coil, between the coil and the shield, and between the coil and the master is called a distributed capacitor.The presence of the distributed capacitance reduces the Q value of the coil and the stability is deteriorated, so that the distributed capacitance of the coil is as small as possible.The segmented winding method reduces the distributed capacitance.


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