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    Technical parameters and characteristics of the Resistors


    Care should be taken to prevent thermistor from heating up due to heating.Thermal time constant: τ [sec.] The thermistor changes the temperature of the thermistor itself due to the step effect under the zero energy condition. The time required for the temperature to change 63.2% between the initial value and the final value isThermal time coefficient τ.Nominal resistance and tolerance: the difference between the actual value and the nominal value.3 rated power: at normal atmospheric pressure (650-800mmhg) and rated temperature, long-term continuous operation and can meet the maximum power allowed by performance requirements.Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance between the resistance lead and the Resistors housing under normal atmospheric pressure.8 Noise: An irregular voltage fluctuation generated in a Resistors, including thermal noise and current noise. The thermal noise is due to the irregular movement of electrons inside the conductor, causing the voltage of any two points of the conductor to irregularly change.


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