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    What is a flexible manufacturing system?


    The Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS-Flexible Manufacturing System) is a manufacturing system that is centrally controlled and managed by a computer. It has multiple semi-independent stations and a material storage and transportation system. It can independently and efficiently complete multiple varieties of small and medium batches at the same time.The production task of the part.A transfer system that transports parts and tools between CNC equipment and card loading stations.A release command that coordinates the monitoring system of the machine tool, workpiece and tool transfer unit.Central tool magazine and its management system.Automated warehouse and its management system.The composition of the flexible manufacturing system and the composition of the functional system:

    (1) central management and control computer

    (2) logistics control device

    (3) automated warehouse

    (4) unmanned transport platform

    (5) manufacturing unit

    (6) central tool magazine

    (7)) Fixture station

    (8) Information transmission network

    (9) Functions of the accompanying workbench system:

    1) Group analysis of components based on group technologyThe key technologies of flexible manufacturing systems with automatic measurement, positioning and protection functions based on various automatic detection devices are mainly related to the following key technologies in the design and planning of flexible manufacturing systems, including: monitoring of flexible manufacturing systems andManagement system, logistics system for flexible manufacturing systems, tool transfer for flexible manufacturing systemsMonitoring and management system for flexible manufacturing systems 2. Logistics system for flexible manufacturing systems

    3. Tool management systems for flexible manufacturing systems

    4. Communication for flexible manufacturing systems

    5. Auxiliary systems for flexible manufacturing systems Auxiliary systems for FMS include cleaning stations, cuttingIt consists of automatic liquid discharge and centralized recovery treatment, as well as centralized liquid supply and gas.


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