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    What is an air switch


    Automatic air switches, also known as low-voltage circuit breakers, can be used to switch the load circuit on and off, as well as to control motors that are not frequently started.The automatic air switch has many protection functions (overload, short circuit, under voltage protection, etc.), adjustable action value, high breaking capacity, convenient operation and safety, so it is widely used.When short circuited, the aromatic insulation around the static contact vaporizes, and the arc extinguishing action is performed, and the arcing distance is zero.There are three types of tripping methods: thermal, electromagnetic and double tripping.

    When the line is generally overloaded, the overload current can not make the electromagnetic release action, but can cause the heat element to generate a certain amount of heat, causing the bimetal to be bent upwards by heating, pushing the lever to disengage the hook from the lock, and the main touchThe head is disconnected, the power is cut off, and the main contact is closed by an operating mechanism (manual or electric).When the main contact is closed by the operating mechanism, it is locked by the lock hook in the closed position.If a fault occurs in the circuit, the relevant trip unit will act to disengage the lock hook in the trip mechanism, so that the main contact is quickly broken by the release spring.Under normal conditions, the armature of the overcurrent release is released; in the event of a severe overload or short circuit fault, the coil in series with the main circuit will generate a strong electromagnetic attraction to attract the street iron and open the hook., the main contact is disconnected.The air switch is a switch that trips when the switch forms a loop as long as there is a short circuit.

    There are three types of tripping methods: thermal, electromagnetic and double tripping.The short-circuit current exceeds the instantaneous tripping setting current value, and the electromagnetic tripper generates a sufficient suction force to attract the armature to the impact lever, so that the hook is rotated upwardly around the rotating shaft seat and the buckle is disengaged, and the latch is acted upon by the reaction spring.Disconnect the three main contacts and cut off the power.The trip mechanism of the switch is a set of linkage devices.According to the different protection effects, the trip unit can be divided into an overcurrent release and a voltage loss release.The operation of the undervoltage release is exactly the opposite. When the voltage is normal, the electromagnetic attraction attracts the armature and the main contact is closed.Once the voltage is severely dropped or powered down, the armature is released and the main contact is opened.When the power supply voltage returns to normal, it must be re-closed before it can work, and the voltage loss protection is realized.


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