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    What is an ATM network?


    ATM (Asychronous Transfer Mode) is a high-efficiency, flexible, and novel information transmission mode that can transmit comprehensive service information at high speed. It has been determined by ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Standardization Department) to transmit and exchange voice.With the advent of TM technology, with the advent of the information society, the demand for communication has far exceeded the traditional telephone and telegraph services. The demand for data communication and broadband communication is increasing. Due to their different bandwidth and traffic requirements,Traditional means of communication has been difficult to achieve.It is hoped that in the future, there will be only one network. It does not depend on the business.

    It can use all resources flexibly, safely, economically and effectively. ATM technology is regarded as the key technology to be realized.The transmission frequency of low-speed information elements is low.Therefore, ATM can use a single switching method to support a wide range of services from narrowband voice and data transmission to HDTV.The ATM cell is composed of 53B length, where SB is the header and 48B is the information field, so the information transmitted on the line is ATM cells.The control unit controls the operation of the switching unit; the human line processing processes the input ATM cells to suit the requirements of the ATM switching unit; the outgoing processing processes the cells sent by the switching unit to make them suitable for line transmission requirements..


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