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    What is hspice?


    There are many types of photodiodes, and many applications are in infrared remote control circuits.In order to reduce the interference of visible light, it is often packaged in a black resin to filter out light below 700 nm.For rectangular tubes, a marking angle is often made indicating the direction of the light receiving surface.Under normal circumstances, the length of the pin is positive.Like the ordinary diode, the forward resistance should be about 10K. When there is no light, the reverse resistance should be ∞, then let the photodiode see the light. The stronger the light, the smaller the reverse resistance should be.

    When the light is very strong, the reverse resistance can be reduced to below 1K.Such a pipe is good.If the forward and reverse resistances are both ∞ or zero, the tube is bad.(3) Current measurement method: Put the pointer multimeter in DC 50μA or 500μA, the red pen is connected to the positive pole of the photodiode, the black pen is connected to the negative pole, and the short-circuit current can reach tens to hundreds of micro under the illumination of sunlight or incandescent lamp.Ann.


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