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    What is the fuse and antifuse model?


    The fuse and antifuse models are mainly used to explain the phenomenon of unipolar resistance transition, which is often found in some transition metal oxides such as NIO, TiOx, MnOx and ZrO2.The orming phenomenon is similar to the soft break phenomenon of a gate dielectric film in a MOSFET. That is, an oxide film may have some defects under the action of a strong electric field. These defects may be lattice defects or may be obtained after oxide decomposition.Oxygen vacancies or metal vacancies.

    It should be emphasized that a small limiting current needs to be set during the forming process to prevent the oxide film from being hard breakdown.The ambient temperature around the conductive path rises sharply and eventually causes the conductive path to break and the device returns to a high impedance state.This programming process from a low-impedance state to a high-impedance state is called a RESET process.


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