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    What is the difference between an inductor and a magnetic bead?


    Inductors and magnetic beads are two different concepts. Inductors are passive components. The main function is to filter boost and store energy. Magnetic beads are mainly energy conversion devices. The following are the differences between the two:

    1. Inductors are energy storage components.The magnetic beads are energy conversion (consumption) devices.

    2. The inductors are mostly used in the power supply filter circuit, and the magnetic beads are mostly used in the signal loop.Magnetic beads are used to absorb ultra-high frequency signals, such as some rf circuits, pll, oscillating circuits, and ultra-high frequency memory circuits (ddrsdram, rambus, etc.) all need to add magnetic beads in the power input part, and the inductance is a kind of storage.Energy components, used in lc oscillator circuits, low-frequency filter circuits, etc.The size of the magnetic beads (which should be exactly the characteristic curve of the magnetic beads) depends on the frequency of the interfering waves that need to be absorbed by the magnetic beads.Magnetic beads are high-frequency Resistorss, low DC resistance and high-frequency resistance.For example, 1000r@100mhz means that there is a 1000 ohm Resistors for a signal with a frequency of 100m.


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