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  • Pitfalls Of Inexpensive Electronic Devices

    Many customers choose to buy cheap electronic components for cheap reasons.

    However, cheap electronic components mainly have the following defects:

    • Fakes
    • Refurbishment
    • Used

    According to data analysis, the electronics industry loses $250 billion each year due to counterfeit products. And this illicit trade shows no signs of slowing down.

    The counterfeit electronics market is one of the most widely discussed and analyzed topics in the electronics industry today, but little progress has been made in addressing the problem.

    Risks to Businesses from Counterfeit Components

    Because there is so much uncertainty around counterfeit components, they can present a wide variety of risks to businesses:

    • It may seriously affect the reliability of the product.
    • May cause product parts to malfunction.
    • May lead to shorter product life.
    • It may cause the affected party or representative to file a lawsuit and bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
    • May lead to loss of customer confidence in the product and product recall.
    • It may cause damage to the manufacturer’s reputation.
    • May lead to financial losses for both parties or even multiple parties.

    Counterfeit electronics are essentially components that deliberately misrepresent their origin or quality. These counterfeit components are becoming more sophisticated, a tactic used by scammers to target desperate buyers facing shortages.

    Counterfeit parts enter the market in a number of ways, but there are also ways to combat their prevailing trend. The WIN SOURCE ELECTRONICS mall has been your loyal supply chain partner since its inception in 1999. Committed to helping our customers find obsolete, end-of-life, hard-to-find parts quickly and accurately. And get real common parts at the most competitive prices.

    And all operations of the mall have passed AS9120B, ISO9001& ISO14001& ISO45001 certification. These include order entry, customer service, receiving, picking, shipping, purchasing, and inventory. As a member of ERAI (Authoritative Anti-Counterfeiting Organization) & ASA Association & IPC Association & SMTA Association. We always adhere to the excellent quality of electronic components and eliminate all fake and shoddy products.

    In the future, we will continue to grow globally, focusing on providing the widest selection of electronic parts in stock. Adhere to an innovation-driven business philosophy through our commitment to continuous improvement of processes, services, products and people. Delight and amaze customers with our exceptional customer service, order accuracy and on-time delivery.


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