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    What is SJAl000?

    SJAl000 is a stand-alone CAN controller with advanced features for automotive and general industrial applications.
    It is an alternative product of Philips Semiconductor’s PCA82C200 CAN controller (BasicCAN), and it adds a new working mode – PelicAN, which supports the CAN 2.08 protocol with many new features.
    24MHz clock frequency; interfaces to different microprocessors; programmable CAN output driver configuration; enhanced temperature adaptation (-40°C-125°C).

    Which three functions do the transceivers and senders of the transceiver have to do?

    • Frequency conversion: In the transmit path, the transmitter converts the center frequency of the baseband signal from a lower frequency to a higher frequency (called up-conversion). In the receive path, the receiver converts the RF signal from a high frequency to a lower frequency (called down-conversion).
    • Noise suppression: Other signals that appear outside the frequency band occupied by useful signals should be effectively suppressed to ensure that they do not cause harmful effects on the normal operation of wireless communication links and digital modulation and demodulation.
    • Level shifting: For optimum system performance, signal levels must be adjusted.

    What do users need to pay attention to when using a multi-device configuration chain?

    Make sure to combine the SOF files for each device into one configuration file;
    When generating the configuration file, make sure that the order of adding the SOF file is consistent with the order of the devices on the board.

    What level of coordination should be noted for the application of open RFID systems?

    Open RFID system application protocol;
    Uniform coding rules;
    Unify the selection requirements for RFID tags and reader devices.

    What kinds of ARM command systems?

    The ARM instruction system includes ARM 32-bit and Thumb 16-bit instruction systems.

    What is the main purpose of the PTC type thermistor?

    Its use is mainly used for color TV degaussing, overheat protection of various electrical equipment, constant temperature control of heat source, and can also be used as a current limiting element.

    How to inject charge?

    When the switch switches from on to off, the working state of the M()S tube changes from the variable resistance area to the cut-off area.
    When the switch is turned on, the MOS transistor is in the variable resistance area, and there is a conductive channel at this time. The channel is full of majority carriers, and these carriers form the current I under the action of the source-drain voltage V .
    When the switch is turned off, the charge in the channel needs to dissipate to make the channel disappear. Then you can really enter the cut-off state. The only way for the charge in the channel to dissipate is the source and drain regions.
    Therefore, when the switch is turned off, the channel charge will be injected into the source and drain regions. When the source-drain region is connected with a capacitor, the charge injection will cause the voltage of the source-drain region to change.

    What is an infrared sensor?

    红The infrared sensor is a device sensitive to the long-wavelength band (infrared light) of the spectrum.

    What is the key to improving the life performance of OLEDs?

    Blocking the intrusion of water vapor, oxygen and other active gases is the key to improving the lifetime performance of OLEDs.

    What is the thermocouple sensor made of?

    A thermocouple sensor is a thermal sensor made of thermoelectric phenomenon.


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