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    What are the techniques for ladder programming?

    1. If there are series circuit blocks in parallel, it is better to put the circuit blocks with more series contacts on the top, which can make the compiled program concise and less instruction sentences.
    2. If there are parallel circuit blocks in series, it is better to connect them in parallel The circuit block is moved closer to the left bus, so that the compiled program can be concise and the instruction statement is less.
    3. If there are multiple output circuits, it is better to put the circuit with more series contacts below, so that the MPS and MPP instructions can not be used.
    4. If the circuit is complex and it is difficult to use ANB, oRB and other instructions to implement, you can reuse some contacts to change it into a pen effect circuit, and then program.

    What are the data acquisition module programs?

    • Analog quantity acquisition subroutine
    • Frequency acquisition subroutine
    • Switch quantity acquisition subroutine

    What information can the load distribution logic extract?

    IP address (ip) MAC address (mac) TCP/UDP port

    What is the frequency compensation of the op amp?

    Frequency compensation refers to changing the frequency characteristics of the amplifier’s open-loop gain A by adding appropriate components to meet the phase margin requirements for closed-loop applications. It is usually necessary to consider the limit case of the closed-loop gain A, an l (ie, the feedback coefficient F-1). If the gain drops to 1 (ie 0 dB) when the frequency reaches the secondary main pole, the phase margin at this time is exactly 45. (Assume that the distance between the frequencies of the poles is greater than 10 times the frequency).

    What are the electronically controlled ignition devices?

    1. Electronic Spark Advance control
    2. Power-on time (closed angle) and constant current control (Dwell Contr01)
    3. Deflagration control (Knock Contr01)

    What is the conversion time and conversion rate?

    The conversion time is the time it takes for the A/D to complete a conversion. The reciprocal of the conversion time is the conversion rate.

    What is the basic structure of the magnetic holding relay?

    The magnetic latching relay can be divided into two parts: the electromagnetic system and the contact system. The electromagnetic system includes magnets, coils, armatures, iron: cores, mounting plates, etc. The contact system includes a pair or JL pair of normally open and normally closed contacts.

    What are the characteristic parameters of the photomultiplier tube?

    The characteristic parameters of the photomultiplier tube: ①sensitivity ②dark current ③volt-ampere characteristics ④linearity ⑤stability ⑥hysteresis effect ⑦time characteristics ⑧ magnetic field characteristics

    What is an IP soft core?

    The IP soft core is usually submitted to the user in the form of HDL text. It is RTL-level design optimization and functional verification, but it does not contain any specific physical information. The soft IP core is also called a virtual component (Virtual Component, VC). The soft core in the EDA design field refers to the integrated register transfer level (RTL) model; specifically, the FPGA design refers to the hardware language description of the circuit, including logic description, netlist, and help documentation.

    What kinds of commonly used temperature sensors?

    There are five types of thermal resistance type, thermocouple type, thermal ferrite type, transistor type, and integrated type.


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