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    What functions should the software have for nodes connected to the MOST network?

    1. data transmission control;
    2. data message transmission control;
    3. power management;
    4. synchronization channel positioning;
    5. addressing and network configuration;
    6. system monitoring and management.

    What are the two routing methods supported by the WirelessHART network layer?

    Graph routing and source routing.

    In essence, what are the potential voltage and current conditions at the front end of the power conversion system?

    1. The input voltage of the power supply may exceed the safe operating voltage level.
    2. Abnormal load conditions may cause the charging or power conversion circuit to attempt to draw current from the power supply beyond the permissible range.
    3. The charger may malfunction, causing the charging voltage of the lithium-ion battery to exceed the safe working level, and may even cause an explosion.

    What are the technical characteristics of the fieldbus?

    1. Openness of the system
    2. Interoperability and interoperability
    3. Intelligence and functional autonomy of field devices
    4. Highly decentralized system structure
    5. Adaptability to the field environment

    What are the general rules for using events?

    Similarity; create before use; use in pairs; use in interrupt service routines.

    What is the clock off setting?

    Setting this bit disables the external CLKOUT pin of the SJAl000. Write access is only possible in reset mode. If this bit is set, the CLKOUT pin is low in sleep mode and high otherwise.

    What is a blind spot?

    It refers to the building area where it is difficult to effectively achieve good, comprehensive and deep coverage through outdoor macro stations.

    What kind of buildings are prone to “blind spots”? Buildings with complex structures and large penetration loss, such as large office buildings, high-end hotels, shopping malls, etc.; there are also some scenarios where outdoor signals cannot enter at all, such as underground parking lots, underground Shopping malls, underground playgrounds, indoor elevators, etc.

    What is AC coupling?

    The built-in amplifier of the oscilloscope is connected to the input signal through a capacitor. Since the capacitor has DC blocking characteristics, the DC component cannot enter the built-in amplifier of the oscilloscope at this time.

    Which instructions are included in the logic class instructions?

    1. AND/OR/XOR instruction
    2. Shift instruction
    3. Bit test command

    What does the 2802x series of chips contain?

    It includes 28027, 28026, 28023, 28022, 28021, 28020, and 280200, all of which include 38-pin and 48-pin package products.


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