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    What are the common formats for commands (requests) and responses, and what are the formats for VICC states and their transitions?

    1. Command (request) format
    2. Response format
    3. Response format

    What are the main features of the ARM9E series of microprocessors?

    Support DSP instruction set, suitable for occasions requiring high-speed digital signal processing.
    5-stage integer pipeline, the highest frequency can reach 300 MHz, and the instruction execution efficiency is higher. Supports 32-bit ARM instruction set and 16-bit Thumb instruction set. Support 32-bit high-speed AMBA bus interface. Support VFP9 floating point processing coprocessor.
    The full-performance MMU supports various mainstream embedded operating systems such as Windows CE, Linux and Palm OS.
    The MPU supports a real-time operating system. Support data cache and instruction cache, with higher instruction and data processing capabilities.

    The experience of NTT DoCoMo has quickly reached a consensus around the world. What are the main reasons?

    • High-value customers are mainly indoors, and 3G indoor coverage is very important.
    • The improvement of indoor coverage is equivalent to the increase in the number of users, which is the key to attracting new customers and retaining old customers.

    What are the pin functions of the TPS6205×?

    EN: Enable terminal, it is in the off state when it is low.
    FB: Feedback pin for fixed voltage output.
    GND, PGND: Ground pins.
    V1N: Voltage input pin.
    LBl, LB0: low voltage input and output pins.
    PG: “Good” signal output pin.
    SW: Connect to the output inductor pin.
    SYNC: Synchronization signal pin, when it is low, it is in power-saving mode, and when it is high, it works in low-noise mode.

    What are the main features of power management technology development?

    1. The power usage time and efficiency are maximized.
    2. The volume and cost are minimized.
    3. Diversified voltage supply.
    4. The design time is minimized.
    5. Combination of digital power and analog power.

    What is the mirror-type Karman vortex air flow sensor?

    The mirror-type Kaman vortex air flow sensor is mainly composed of a vortex generator, a light-emitting diode LED, a phototransistor, a mirror, a tension belt, a thick-film integrated control circuit and an intake air temperature sensor.

    What conditions should the CPU respond to interrupts?

    1. An interrupt source sends an interrupt request;
    2. The total interrupt enable bit EA=1, that is, the CPU opens the interrupt;
    3. The interrupt enable bit of the interrupt source applying for the interrupt is 1, that is, it is not masked.

    What is the driving force behind the development of power and power management technologies?

    The global demand for energy saving and mandatory energy efficiency specifications that electronic equipment must comply with, as well as the trend of miniaturization and multi-function of portable devices are the driving forces for the development of power supply and power management technology.

    What are the important parameters in serial communication?

    The most important parameters of serial communication are baud rate, data bits, stop bits and parity.

    What are the characteristics of WiFi technology?

    Radio waves have a wide coverage, fast speed, high reliability, no wiring, and health and safety.


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