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    What is the latest and simplest solution for voltage monitoring and timing issues?

    The newest and easiest solution is to use a single device that integrates programmable analog and digital units. Thus constitute a fully programmable, non-volatile power monitoring and sequence management device.

    What are the benefits of linear drives?

    • The benefits brought by the linear driver include:
      1. Avoid the use of complex and expensive devices (different types of resistors are required to compensate for the changing forward voltage), and the brightness can be adjusted by pulse width modulation (PWM);
      2. Due to the unstable system power supply can be used, the system cost is reduced;
      3. Reduce the required board space;
      4. Use more LEDs to improve system efficiency;
      5. The ideal LED bias and protection function maximizes the service life of the LED.

    What are the advantages of PTN technology?

    It is suitable for various coarse and fine-grained services, has end-to-end networking capabilities, and provides a “flexible” transmission pipeline that is more suitable for IP service characteristics. Has a wealth of protection methods. The perfect OAM system with point-to-point connection ensures that the network has protection switching, error detection and channel monitoring capabilities. Completed the interconnection and intercommunication with IP/MPLS in various ways. The network management system can control the establishment and setting of the connection channel, which realizes the distinction and guarantee of the quality of service (QoS).

    What are the modules for the audio mixer?

    1. Headphone mixer
    2. Speaker mixer
    3. Mono mixer
    4. Mixer output inverter

    For the CBD, the development process is done by six roles. What are they?

    1. Component developers are also component suppliers, most of which are middleware component providers.
    2. Application component integrators, for a certain application field, combine existing components into larger component modules or containers as the basic unit of system deployment.
    3. The application system deployer puts the basic unit of system deployment into the selected platform environment or basic framework to complete the requirements of software customization.
    4. Development platform server suppliers, providing basic software such as servers, operating systems and databases.
    5. Suppliers of application system development tools, providing component public facilities services.
    6. System administrators, who configure hardware, network and operating systems, supervise and maintain application systems.

    What is the development trend of the inverter?

    The AC variable frequency speed regulation technology is an effective way to solve the stepless speed regulation of the motor, and it is an AC speed regulation method with the widest application range and the most promising prospect.
    Its general development trend is towards integration, miniaturization, intelligence, multi-function, large capacity and low price.

    1. Main control integration
    2. Structure miniaturization
    3. Specialization
    4. Systematized

    What is a hardware description language?

    Hardware Description Language (HDL) is a language for hardware behavior description, structure description and data flow description of electronic systems.

    Precautions when using transistors

    If attaching a solder lug to the bolt, pre-solder the circuit leads to the lug. The risk of damage can be reduced by clamping the transistor pins between the two nuts on the bolt.
    Three such bolt-and-nut assemblies must be mounted on a piece of bakelite with proper spacing. This makes it easy to distinguish the emitter, base and collector, thus reducing the risk of misconnection. The bakelite strip should be fastened to the brass block.
    Finally, label the solder lugs with the appropriate letters on the bakelite strips and add color dots to the collectors. The leads of the circuit are also colored as shown (or coated with colored sleeves). It must be emphasized that the transistor will be burned out due to the wrong connection of the electrodes.
    In addition, when testing the transistor with a resistance measuring instrument (multimeter), the red test lead or jack is connected to the negative electrode of the battery in the meter.
    Therefore any transistor electrodes that require positive power must be connected to the black lead of a resistance measuring instrument (multimeter). These values are much smaller than what is required for hot cathode tubes.

    What is data online analysis processing?

    The English name of data online analysis processing: OLAP, the full English name is On-LineAnalysisProcessing, the Chinese name is online analysis processing, also known as online analysis processing.
    With the development and application of database technology, the amount of data stored in databases has transitioned from mega (M) bytes and giga (G) bytes in the 1980s to now tera (T) bytes and gigabytes ( p) bytes.
    At the same time, the query requirements of users are becoming more and more complex, and it involves not only querying or manipulating one or several records in a relational table. Moreover, data analysis and information synthesis need to be performed on the data of tens of millions of records in multiple tables, and the relational database system can no longer meet this requirement.
    Operational applications and analytical applications, especially in terms of performance, are difficult to balance, and people often relax the restrictions on redundancy in relational databases. Statistics and comprehensive data are introduced, but the application logic of these statistical comprehensive data is scattered, messy, and non-systematic. Therefore, the analysis function is limited, inflexible, and difficult to maintain.
    In foreign countries, many software manufacturers have adopted the development of their front-end products to make up for the lack of relational database management system support. They use a dedicated data synthesis engine, supplemented by a more intuitive data access interface. Strive to unify the scattered public application logic and respond to complex query requirements of non-data processing professionals in a short time.
    In 1993, E.F. Codd (the father of relational databases) defined this type of technology as “OLAP”. OLAP is a rapid software technology for problem-specific online data access and analysis that shares multidimensional information. It allows management decision makers to gain insight into data by providing fast, consistent and interactive access to information in many possible forms of observation. Decision-making data is multi-dimensional data, and multi-dimensional data is the main content of decision-making.
    OLAP is specifically designed to support complex analytical operations, with a focus on decision support for decision makers and top management. It can quickly and flexibly process complex query processing of large data volume according to the requirements of analysts. And in an intuitive and easy-to-understand form, the query results are provided to decision makers, so that they can accurately grasp the business status of the enterprise (company). Understand the needs of the object and formulate the correct plan.
    OLAP has outstanding advantages such as flexible analysis functions, intuitive data manipulation and visual representation of analysis results. This makes the analysis based on a large amount of complex data easy and efficient for users to quickly make correct judgments. It can be used to substantiate complex hypotheses made by people, and the result is a summary of information presented in the form of a graph or table. It does not mark abnormal information, it is a method of knowledge verification.

    What are the characteristics of semiconductor pressure sensors?

    Small size, high precision, low cost, good responsiveness, reusability and stability.


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