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    What are the characteristics of the TTP/C protocol?


    (1) The information transmission delay is small, and the time jitter (time uncertainty) is small.
    (2) The application system is less affected by the network structure. The software system can be developed independently. In the final stage, it is integrated with the hardware. The portability of the application system is good, and the performance test is convenient.
    (3) A distributed fault-tolerant synchronization algorithm is used to provide a clock synchronization service without adding additional data transmission.
    (4) The protocol has greater flexibility to ensure high data transmission rates in the case of twisted pair and fiber.
    (5) A TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) bus access mechanism is used.
    (6) Since no bit arbitration is required, the network transmission medium used has no special electrical restrictions.
    (7) The control format has less control data and high data transmission efficiency.


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