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    VBUS054CD Device package and pin description

    VBUS054CD Device package and pin description

    VBUS054CD Device schematic symbol

    VBUS054CD Device schematic symbol

    The integrated circuits and microchips used in the modern electronic devices are very sensitive equipment. The phenomenon of Electrostatic Discharge is very common in electronic circuits which can easily damage the ICs and microchips. ESD can be generated in a high-frequency circuit internally or externally. The electromagnetic interference and discharges are cause of great concern for sensitive electronic devices and appropriate measures must be taken for its mitigation. ESD protection devices are commonly used in electronic circuits for ESD protection.

    What is VBUS054CD-FHI-GS08?

    The VBUS054CD-FHI is a four line ESD protection device manufactured by Vishay Semiconductors. The device has characteristics similar to a Z-diode with high ESD immunity and very low capacitance. These features make the VBUS054CD-FHI suitable for high frequency applications such as USB 2.0 and HDMI. The VBUS054CD-FHI provides active protection against transient voltages and ESDs for up to four high speed data lines. The device will clamp the negative transients close to ground level and positive transients close to 5V level. Due to its bi-directional and asymmetrical operation, the VBUS054CD-FHI is suitable for electronic circuits operating on 5VDC or below.

    Pin Configuration

    • The pin description of VBUS054CD-FHI is provided in the table as following:
    Pin number Number of pins
    1 Data line
    2 Data line
    3 Ground pin, internally connected to pin 8
    4 Data line
    5 Data line
    8 Ground pin, internally connected to pin 3
    6,7,9,10 Not connected pins


    • 4-line ESD protection
    • Very low leakage current
    • Very low load capacitance
    • Suitable for high frequency circuits
    • ESD protection in compliance with IEC 61000-4-2
    • 15kV contact and air discharge
    • E4-precious metal used in construction
    • Compact form factor and packaging


    The VBUS054CD-FHI ESD-protection module is used in following applications:

    • ESD protection in USB 2.0, USB 3.0 circuits
    • ESD protection HDMI systems
    • ESD protection in high-frequency digital data bus systems
    • ESD protection in high frequency digital communication systems


    The major technical specifications of the VBUS054CD-FHI ESD protection module are listed as following:

    • Leakage current: >0.1uA
    • Load capacitance: 0.8pF
    • Peak transient voltage:+15kV
    • Peak pulse current: 3.5A
    • Peak pulse power: 45W
    • Junction temperature: -40oC to 125oC
    • Protection paths: 4 lines
    • Package: LLP2513-11L

    How VBUS054CD-FHI-GS08 work?

    The modern computer systems, audio/video systems and communication systems employ high frequency digital circuits for fast data processing. These high speed digital systems offer a lot of performance related benefits however their biggest drawback is the low immunity towards electrostatic discharges and electrostatic interference. These ESD and EMI signals can easily damage the sensitive digital electronic chips and circuits. The high speed digital systems such as USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) and HDMI (1.65 Gbps) operate on very high frequencies and are prone to ESD damages. To counter the negative effects of ESD in such circuits, ESD protection devices are employed. The VBUS054CD-FHI is a special purpose ESD protection device which is specially designed for high frequency digital systems and provides ample protection against the ill effects of ESD.

    VBUS054CD ESD protection application circuit

    VBUS054CD ESD protection application circuit

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