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    Common problems in circuit design


    Phenomenon 1: The PCB design requirements of this board are not high, just use a thin line, automatic cloth bar comments: automatic wiring must occupy a larger PCB area, and at the same time produce more than the manual wiring, the bulk is largeAmong the products, the factors considered by the PCB manufacturers to reduce the price are the line width and the number of vias, in addition to the commercial factors.The pull-down Resistors pulls a simple input signal, and the current is tens of microamps or less. However, if a signal is driven, the current will reach milliamperes. The current system is usually 32 bits of address data, and there may beAfter the 244/245 isolated bus and other signals, a few watts of power is consumed by these Resistorss.If you pull it up, each pin will also have a micro-ampere current, so the best way is to set it as an output (of course, you can’t connect other drivers). Phenomenon 4: There are so many FPGAs left.The door can’t be used, you can enjoy it. Comments: The power consumption of the FPGA is proportional to the number of flip-flops used and the number of flips, so the samePhenomenon 5: The power consumption of these small chips is very low, no need to consider comments: It is difficult to determine the power consumption of the chip that is not too complicated inside. It is mainly determined by the current on the pin. Phenomenon 6: Since it is a digital signal,The edge is of course steeper. The better the comment: the steeper the edge, the wider the spectrum range, and the higher the energy of the high frequency part; the higher the frequency


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