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    What are the two general corrosion methods that can be used for MEMS geometry?

    There are generally two etching methods available for MEMS geometry shaping: isotropic etching and anisotropic etching.

    What are the main technical features of the MAX6946/6947?

    • 400kbit/s, 6V withstand voltage, I22C/SMBus compatible serial interface;
    • The working voltage is 2.25~3.6V;
    • When the power is turned on, the I/O port defaults to high resistance (can synchronize the LED off ) status;
    • I/O port has 7V input over-voltage protection;
    • I/ON port output type: open-drain output or open-drain logic output with rated voltage of 7V, 10mA or 20mA static/PWM output can be combined with LED constant current driver Work synchronization;
    • I/o port supports hot insertion;
    • Each synchronizable LED has independent 8-bit PWM brightness control;
    • RST input clears, clears serial interface and can exit shutdown (warm start);
    • OSC input of MAX6946 External PWM clock input is allowed;
    • AD0 input terminal can select two slave addresses for MAX6947;
    • The circuit automatically ramps up when it wakes up from shutdown, and when entering shutdown mode, the hold time is up to 4s before the ramp is lowered, and the current is turned off is 0.8.

    What is a pulse modulation measurement circuit?

    The circuit that modulates the pulse output in the measurement circuit with the measurand is called the pulse modulation measurement circuit.

    What is the tracking mechanism involved in setting the azimuth and elevation values for heliostats?

    1. The coordinates of the desired aiming point.
    2. The position of the heliostat (relative to the tower).
    3. Date and time, from which the position of the sun in the sky can be calculated.

    What are the key factors to consider during the design of the DS?

    Since the amount of data to be stored can be very large, the information to be stored in the DS database needs to be minimized. Query response time is as short as possible. Keeping the external interface independent of the possible implementation technology, especially database technology.
    Businesses can manipulate the visibility of their data. Get a scalable service from a data capacity, security, access control, and performance perspective. Easy integration with EPC networks for integration with EPCIS in compliance with current standards.

    What is the middle section?

    The so-called interruption is to interrupt the work in progress and turn to another more urgent matter. After processing, turn back to continue processing the original work.

    What are the characteristics of a microcontroller?

    Compared with the embedded microprocessor, the biggest feature of the microcontroller is that it is monolithic and the volume is greatly reduced, so that the power consumption and cost are reduced, and the reliability is improved.
    Microcontrollers are the mainstream of the embedded system industry at present. The on-chip peripheral resources of microcontrollers are generally rich and suitable for control.

    What are the advantages of a network power controller?

    1. Allocate more management rights to users, which fundamentally prolongs the effective online time of various services of users.
    2. Reduce the management costs of stakeholders.
    3. Efficient and reliable.

    What are the components of FPGAs, CPLDs, and other types of PLDs?

    • They are composed of three major parts:
      1. A two-dimensional array of logic blocks constitutes the core of the logic composition of the PLD device;
      2. Input/output block;
      3. The interconnection resources of connecting logic blocks are composed of connecting line segments of various lengths. There are also some programmable connection switches, which are used for connection between logic blocks and between logic blocks and input/output blocks.

    What is the open circuit detection method?

    1. Turn off the ignition switch, unplug the wiring connector of the vane air flow sensor, and remove the sensor from the vehicle.
    2. Check the resistance between Ec terminal and E terminal. When the blade does not rotate (the blade is completely closed), there should be no connection between Fc and El, and the blade is slightly moved by hand. The on-resistance between Fc and El is 0, indicating that the fuel pump switch is normal. Otherwise, the fuel pump switch is damaged.
    3. Check the resistance between Vc terminal and E2 terminal. When the blade is in any position, Vc and E: ask the resistance should be 200 ~ 400Q.
    4. Check the resistance between the Vs terminal and the E2 terminal. When the blade is completely closed, it is 200 to 600f2. When the blade is gradually opened from the fully closed position to the fully open position, it should continuously change between 200 and 1200Q. If the inspection results do not match the above rules, it means that the air flow sensor and the fuel pump switch are faulty. The air flow sensor assembly should be repaired or replaced with a new one.


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