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    What is key management?

    Key management is a comprehensive technology. It involves the entire process of key generation, verification, distribution, delivery, storage, use and destruction, and is closely related to the administrative management system of keys and the quality of personnel.

    What types of embedded processors can be divided into?

    • According to the status quo, embedded processors can be divided into the following categories:
      1. (Embedded Micro Processor Unit) EMPU generally refers to the CPU in a general-purpose computer. It is basically the same as a standard microprocessor, but has been enhanced in terms of operating temperature, anti-electromagnetic interference, and reliability.
      2. (Embedded Microcontroller Unit) EMU is generally also called a single-chip microcomputer, which is a controller that integrates the entire computer system into a chip. It generally takes a certain kind of microprocessor core as the core, and the chip integrates ROM/EPROM, RAM, Flash, bus, bus logic, timer/counter, WatchDog, I/O, serial port, pulse width modulation output, A/ Various necessary functional modules and peripherals such as D and D/A.
      3. (Embedded Digital Signal Processor) The general EDSP processor has a special design for the system structure and instructions, making it suitable for executing DSP algorithms. Therefore, both compilation efficiency and instruction execution speed are high.
      4. (Embedded System On Chip) The highest form of ESOC realization is a single chip system. The core technology of SOC is IP core (Intellec-tual Property Kernels, intellectual property core) component.

    What options does the 28x family of devices offer to generate clocks?

    On-chip crystal oscillator or external clock input to XCLKIN pin. The basic input clock frequency (using the on-chip oscillator) is in the range of 20-35 MHz.

    What are the basic components of an FPGA?

    1. Configurable Logic Blocks,CLB
    2. Input/Output Blocks,IOB
    3. Programmable Interconnection,PI

    What are the codes for commonly used baseband digital signals?

    Commonly used baseband digital signal encoding methods include non-return-to-zero encoding, Manchester encoding, differential bidirectional encoding, Miller encoding, deformed Miller encoding, pulse width modulation encoding, and pulse position modulation encoding.

    What are the disadvantages of LD0?

    The disadvantage of LD0 is that it is inefficient and can only be used for step-down applications.
    The output voltage can only be lower than the input voltage, and its conversion efficiency decreases with the increase of the difference between the input voltage and the output voltage.

    What is the difference between a normal power inductor and a high current inductor?

    • The difference between ordinary power inductors and high current inductors SMD inductors have the following characteristics:
      1. Flat bottom surface suitable for surface mount.
      2. Excellent end surface strength and good solderability.
      3. It has the characteristics of high Q value and low impedance.
      4. Low flux leakage, low direct resistance, and high current resistance.
      5. Taping packaging is available.
    • It is easy to automatically assemble the difference between ordinary power inductors and high-current inductors. High-current inductors have the characteristics of all SMD power inductors. In addition it has the following features:
      1. High current resistance: The high current inductance coil is wound with thick wire and flat wire, which can withstand high current, up to 80A current.
      2. High stability: The high-current inductor adopts a fully enclosed magnetic shielding structure, which has good sealing and high stability.
      3. Wide range of applications: high-current inductors have super weather resistance. They can be used on computer motherboards, single-chip microcomputers, graphics cards and other equipment that work for a long time. Ordinary power inductors can only be used as DC-DC modules and filter circuits Wait. Although the functions are the same, the responsibility of high-current inductors is much greater than that of ordinary power inductors. At present, many computer motherboard manufacturers are developing filter circuits made of high-current inductors. With super stability and durability, it can also be said that the performance of the inductor determines the performance of the motherboard.

    What areas of wireless sensor network applications are currently concentrated?

    Environmental monitoring and protection, medical and health care, military fields, home automation.

    How is the address calculated?

    Usually address calculations are implemented with ordinary integer instructions.
    In general, most instructions calculate the target address by adding the offset specified by the instruction to the PC value and writing the result to the PC.
    If the overflow address space is determined by the formula PC offset value = [(current program execution position) 8] offset, then the instruction relies on address inversion.

    What are the environmental factors affecting the sensor?

    In addition to the temperature, the influence of environmental factors on the sensor also includes air pressure, humidity, vibration, power supply voltage and frequency, etc.


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