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    Which modules are the multi-function password locks divided into?

    The multi-function password lock is divided into three modules: a frequency divider module, a core state control module, and a button and a seven-segment digital tube control module.

    What are the characteristics of the I2C bus?

    1. It has only two bus signal lines, SDA (Serial Data Line serial data signal line) and SCL (Serial Clock Line serial clock signal line).
    2. Each device connected to this bus is addressable. Devices connected by l2C bus are in master-slave mode, and the master can both receive and send data.
    3. I2C bus is a real multi-master bus, including conflict detection and competition functions, so as to ensure that data conflicts will not be caused when multiple masters send data at the same time.
    4. I2C bus is a serial 8-bit bidirectional data transfer bus. In the standard mode, the data transfer rate is 100 kb/s; in the fast mode, the data transfer rate is 400 kb/s; in the high-speed mode, the data transfer rate is 3.4 Mb/s.

    What are the basic requirements of the control system?

    • Stability
    • Fastness
    • Accuracy

    What is the CPU clock?

    The CPU clock is the operating clock supplied to the CPU and the watchdog timer.The main clock, subclock, internal oscillator clock, or PLL clock can be used as the clock source for the CPU clock.If the PLL clock is selected as the clock source for the CPU clock, the CM06 bit must be set to “0” and the CMl7~CM16 bits must be set to “00b” (no division).After reset, the CPU clock is divided by 8 of the main clock.In addition, after shifting from the high-speed mode, medium-speed mode, internal oscillator mode, internal oscillator low-power mode to stop mode, or when the CM05 bit of the CM0 register is set to “1” (stop) in the low-speed mode, the CM0 registerThe CM06 bit is “1” (8-way mode).

    Looking at the activity and standby status of each network adapter, what happens?

    Vmnic0 activity status: management network and iSCSl storage vmnicl activity status: FT and vMotionvmnic0 standby status: FT and vMotionvmnicl standby status: management network and iSCSl storage vmnic0 and vmnicl are active: VM port group (Web, application andDatabase server).

    What are the two types of media access control methods for shared channels?

    1. Random access.For example, the CSMA/CD protocol is adopted in Ethernet.
    2. Controlled access.Each node communicates non-randomly but in a controlled manner using a shared channel such that each node does not collide when using the channel.According to different media access control methods, LAN can be divided into three different types: shared bus network/Ethernet, token bus network and token ring network.

    What are the basic rules of ladder diagrams?

    1. There is no contact on the right side of the coil.
    2. There is no limit to the number of contacts that can be used.
    3. The contact level is not vertical.
    4. Multiple coils can be output in parallel.
    5. The coil cannot be reused.

    What are the two types of drop-on-demand inkjet printing technology?

    There are two main types of drop-on-demand inkjet technology: thermal bubble inkjet and micropiezo inkjet.

    What are the basic performances of photocells?

    The basic performance of photovoltaic cells mainly includes spectral characteristics, illumination characteristics, frequency characteristics and temperature characteristics.

    What are the advantages of wireless sensor networks?

    The cost is low, the peer-to-peer network has multiple redundancy, high reliability, strong networking capability, multi-hop routing, security and reliability, and is compatible with communication networks of multiple communication modes.


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