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    What are the commonly used bulk data load/store instructions?

    LDM—Bulk Data Load Instructions and STM—Batch Data Store Instructions.

    What is the effect of interrupt request revocation?

    When the peripheral requests an interrupt, the status of each peripheral function module and the interrupt flag in the control register are set to 1. Once the CPU enters the interrupt service routine in response to the interrupt, the user must use software to clear the flag to avoid repeated interrupts.

    What is passive component introduction?

    Electronic circuits have both active and passive devices.
    The so-called passive components can act without being connected to electricity, and have the functions of regulating current and voltage, storing static electricity, preventing electromagnetic wave interference, filtering current impurities, etc.
    Compared with active components, when the voltage of passive components changes, the resistance and impedance will not change. Passive components can cover three types of products: inductors, resistors, and capacitors.

    • The following are respectively introduced:
      1. Inductor: An inductor is a coil wound with insulated wire. An inductor is a component that can convert electrical energy into magnetic energy (reactive power conversion) and store it. The induced potential is called inductance. The magnetic flux generated in this process is called inductance.
      2. Resistors: The function of resistors is to adjust the voltage and current in the circuit. It can be divided into three categories according to materials and product packaging methods.
        • 2.1 Fixed non-chip resistors: This product is mainly used to process power or signals, with the largest demand for electronic products such as power supplies and monitors.
        • 2.2 Fixed chip resistor: This type of resistor is widely used in information, communication, consumer electronics and various instruments.
        • 2.3 Thermistors and variable resistors: mainly used in temperature sensing or control, motor protection and starting devices, and overcurrent/voltage protection devices.
      3. Capacitor: When two conductive substances are separated by a medium and used to store the static electricity that may be generated, it is a capacitor. There are many kinds of capacitors, which can be divided into more than 30 kinds according to the materials used. Domestic manufacturers mainly produce aluminum electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors and plastic film capacitors.

    Among them, what investors most often see in reports is one of the types of ceramic capacitors – Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC).
    Basically, ceramic capacitors can be divided into two categories. One is a single-layer ceramic capacitor, and the other is a multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC).
    MLCC has the characteristics of small size, large relative capacitance, low loss rate during high frequency use and high stability. In response to the future of electronic products being light, thin and short, the prospect of MLCC is quite promising, and it is mainly used in motherboards, notebook computers, mobile phones, scanners, CD players and modems.

    What are the advantages of inflatable photocells?

    The advantages of the gas-filled phototube are high sensitivity, but poor stability, low linearity, dark current, large noise, and long response time.

    What is self-exciting field?

    When the Hall element is connected to a control current, this current also produces a magnetic field, which is called a self-excited field.

    What are the structural changes of the variable reluctance type rotational speed sensor?

    The variable reluctance type rotational speed sensor is divided into two types: an open magnetic circuit and a closed magnetic circuit.

    What is the Hall effect?

    A metal or semiconductor wafer is placed in a magnetic field having a magnetic induction intensity B (the direction of the magnetic field is perpendicular to the sheet). When a current I flows, an induced potential UH is generated in a direction perpendicular to the current and the magnetic field. This physical phenomenon is called Hall Effect.

    What are the network cables based on TCP/IP protocol?

    Twisted pair, coaxial cable, optical fiber, etc.

    What buffer does the MF RC500 include?

    Has an 8 x 64 bit FIF0 buffer.

    What areas of data storage are there?

    1. Working register area
    2. Bit addressing area
    3. Data storage area
    4. Special function register


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