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    What are the main features of the PAS algorithm?

    1. An effective Julian day (J) calculation method is integrated, and Julian day can be calculated according to the date on the calendar and the world time.
    2. Improve memory management by controlling the scope and lifetime of variables.
    3. The sun azimuth calculation formula has strong robustness, which improves the overall speed and robustness of the algorithm, and this formula is valid for both the northern and southern hemispheres.
    4. Introduce new coefficients and new terms and add parallax correction to the simplified equation of the Nautical Almanac used by Michalsky to improve its accuracy.

    What are the main steps of the lithography process?

    1. Gas-phase bottom film formation
    2. Rotary coating
    3. Soft bake
    4. Alignment and Exposure
    5. Bake after exposure
    6. Development
    7. Hard film baking
    8. Inspection after development

    What are the main advantages of the charger made up of the MAX8601?

    The main advantage of a charger constructed with the MAX8601 is that it can charge the battery through an external AC adapter or USB interface.

    What are the common antennas for RFID systems?

    • Symmetric element antenna
    • Lead antenna
    • Microstrip antenna

    What are the commonly used operators for VHDL?

    1. Logical operators.
    2. Relational operators.
    3. Shift operator.
    4. Symbolic operator.
    5. Concatenation operator.
    6. Arithmetic operators.

    What are the components of the GPS satellite positioning system?

    GPS satellite positioning system can provide information such as three-dimensional position and three-dimensional speed to all parts of the world around the world.
    It consists of 3 parts:
    The first part is the space part, which consists of 24 satellites distributed in 6 orbital planes.
    The second part is the ground control part, which consists of the main control station, ground antenna, indiscriminate measurement station and communication auxiliary system.
    The third part is the user equipment part, which consists of GPS receivers and satellite antennas.

    Why is there an interruption?

    This is because at a particular moment, when you are faced with two or more tasks at the same time, it is impossible for one person to complete them at the same time, so you have to use the method of interruption and do it interspersed.
    A similar situation also exists in computers. There is only one CPU in the control unit we use every day, but it has to face multiple tasks such as running programs, data input and output, and handling special cases. For this reason, only the interrupt method of stopping one to process the other can be used.

    What is the allowable deviation of the inductor?

    The allowable deviation of the inductor indicates the deviation of the inductance during the manufacturing process, and there are usually 1, Ⅱ, and m i levels.
    The allowable deviation of class l is ±5%, the allowable deviation of class Il is ±10%, and the allowable deviation of class lIl is ±20%. The tolerance parameter is not marked on many smaller inductors.

    Briefly describe the CMOL circuit?

    The CMOS/nanowire/molecular hybrid (CMOS/nanowire/molecular hybrid, CMOL) technology proposed by Likharev et al., which combines nanotechnology and traditional CMOS processes, has attracted extensive attention of researchers and is considered to be one of the most promising CMOS alternative technologies. one.
    However, current CMOL circuits still face many problems, the most important being the development of nanoscale small-scale diodes connecting two layers of nanointerconnects. Above 10nm, such problems can be concluded experimentally; but below 10nm, the area of ​​the nanodiode is similar to the area of ​​the nanowire intersection used for conduction.
    How to develop renewable and upgradable nanodiodes still faces great challenges. Another problem comes from the inconsistency of the height of the interface connecting the upper and lower layers of CMOL circuits, which leads to the problem of planarization of the surface of the CMOL circuit. The CMOL circuit with a three-dimensional structure (3D) can better solve this problem.
    Experiments show that 3D CMOL can achieve planarization on each layer of the circuit, but in the actual production process, the bonding technology becomes a new challenge. 
    At present, CMOL circuits have been successfully applied to memory, CMOL FPGA and neuron circuits, but the development of computer aided design (CAD) tools is still in its infancy. Cell mapping technology is an important step in the CMOL CAD framework.

    What are the oscilloscope types?

    • Analog oscilloscope
    • Digital storage oscilloscope


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